Diving Into Rock Journalism

Just dipping my toes in here, but I’ll be doing a little rock/metal journalism. Stay tuned for a review of the Epica concert in Seattle on November 16, and maybe a little preview coverage prior to that.


Progressing the Metal Episode 19 – The Music of Video Games

In honor of E3 week, Brian plays a selection of music that has been in video games. From Elder Scrolls to Mario, you’ll hear it all. You’ll also hear some Dream Theater, Rush, Threshold, Serenity, and a lot more.

Progressing the Metal Episode 18 – Epic Tracks Part 2

Brian returns to playing massive, epic tracks from the world of progressive music this week, with huge songs from Dream Theater, Neal Morse, and Nightwish. You’ll also hear Kamelot, Sabaton, and more.

Progressing the Metal Episodes 16 and 17

Forgive the double post, but this site has been rife with technical difficulties, please accept my apologies!

Anyway, Episode 16 is a massive show full of live tracks.You’ll hear The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Threshold, Metallica, and so much more. Like hearing metal at its most raw and powerful? Listen to it live!

Episode 17 focuses on Killswitch Engage and a brand new band named Ensilenced! Killswitch Engage has been melting faces for years, and Ensilenced needs your help to do the same. Back their Kickstarter and help them produce their album. It’s heavy metal, it kicks ass, and you can get in on the ground floor.

Episode 16 (Live Tracks): 

Episode 17 (Killswitch Engage / Ensilenced): 

Progressing the Metal Radio Episode 015 – Powerworld

This week, Brian brings back the progressive to Progressing the Metal, with a heavy focus on the great band Powerworld! There have been three albums by this prog metal band, each with a different lead singer. Who’s your favorite?

Progressing the Metal Radio Episode 014 – ReVamp Interview!

Brian had a chance to sit down with guitarists Jord Otto and Arjan Rijnen from ReVamp, and you’ll hear the whole interview. ReVamp is opening for Iced Earth and Sabaton, and this show is devoted to that tour. Listen to the show, then go see the tour!

Progressing the Metal Radio Episode 013 – Melody

This week Brian takes you on a trip through the more melodic side of progressive metal.